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The Significance of Pradosham

“Pradosham” refers to the sacred time of sunset on the thirteenth lunar day, or “trayodasi tithi.” Trayodasi occurs twice each lunar month, once in the waxing phase and once in the waning phase of the moon, so Pradosha Puja is performed twice each month in the SRI DATTA SAI TEMPLE.

The word “pradosham” itself means the removal of any kind of subtle or energetic impurity. India’s ancient rishis have discovered that these impurities, which are formed due to our actions and attitudes in previous births, are the cause of our suffering and turmoil. By performing certain pujas on Trayodasi, these impurities can be washed away.

The more we wash away these karmic impurities, the more we will experience inner peace, radiant health, and spiritual joy. As the subtle impurities are washed away, our true divine qualities will begin to emerge–qualities like kindness, compassion, honesty, and the desire to give selfless service to others.

Date: 01/02/2019  -  Time: 7:00 PM
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