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Om Sai Ram

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Contact Information

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Venkata Subrahmanyam Pappula

Oversight, 925 285 8598

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Krishna Dasari

General Administration, 832 692 6260

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Krishna Vemula

Religious & Services, 925 984 3900

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Yogesh Kumar Pagadala

Events & Event Management, 415 310 4922

Group 5937_2x.png
Chenna Kothur

Finance & Accounting, 925 366 8241

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Krishna Cherukuthota 

Purchase, 925 487 6724

Group 5937_2x.png
Surendra Mallampati

IT, Digital Assets and Marketing, 408 332 0718

Group 5937_2x.png
Krishna Pendurthi

Facility Administration, 973 409 1568

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Kiru Pakkirisamy 

 Food & Prasadam, 650 504 9924


About Us

Welcome to Sri Datta Sai Temple (SDST):

Established in 2012, SDST stands as a beacon of faith and devotion, dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba, nestled in the heart of our community. Our temple serves as a sacred space for all Sai devotees, offering solace, peace, and a path to spiritual growth. Alongside Sai Baba, we are blessed with the divine presence of Lord Vinayaka, Lord Eswara, Lord Dattatreya, and the Ram Parivar, embracing the rich tapestry of Hindu worship within our walls.

Our Purpose

At SDST, our purpose is twofold:

To Foster Spirituality and Community: We aim to provide a serene place of worship, a haven for conducting spiritual and charitable activities. Our temple is more than a building; it's a vibrant community center for the Hindu community and beyond, where all are welcome to explore and engage in spiritual practices.

To Promote and Preserve Our Cultural Heritage: We are committed to promoting the principles and ideals of Hinduism, disseminating knowledge to enlighten and inspire. Our temple takes pride in preserving, propagating, and perpetuating the cultural aspects of India, including classical music and fine arts. Through educational and cultural programs, we strive to keep our traditions alive, fostering a deep connection with our roots.

Our Services

Worship and Spiritual Practices: Daily poojas, special ceremonies, and vibrant festivals celebrate our deities, providing devotees with a profound experience of devotion.

Cultural and Educational Programs: From language classes to religious and cultural education, we offer a range of programs aimed at enriching our community's knowledge and appreciation of our heritage.

Community Services:  Guided by the teachings of Sai Baba, we extend our hand to serve the community through various charitable initiatives and human services.

Festivals and Celebrations

Our calendar is marked with grand celebrations of festivals dedicated to our deities, turning the temple into a focal point of joy, devotion, and unity. These events are not just spiritual gatherings but also opportunities for the community to come together, share happiness, and create lasting memories.

Join Us

In our journey of faith, every devotee's support and participation are invaluable. SDST thrives on the devotion and generosity of our community. Whether through volunteer work, donations, or simply by joining us in prayer, your contribution helps us continue our mission and serve the broader community.

Together, let's walk on this path of spiritual growth, cultural preservation, and community service. Visit us to find peace, pray, and participate in our journey towards a brighter, more spiritually enriched community.

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